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When I first started in 2002 as a Realtor, I had a big book of office listings in order to know what everyone had listed. Whenever I got a call from someone who was driving by a sign or saw a flyer I had to make small talk while I flipped through the book to find the correct home! Not long after, we could install software on our computers that would use internet to download listings for printing. You would need to connect and download regularly to keep your list updated. Then when I wanted to show, I would print off those listings then copy and highlight my route on a Mapsco to make sure I wasn’t flipping pages while in the car. Usually one of the clients would be my “navigator” as I used to call them. God forbid there was a home that wasn’t  on my list on the way! If so I had to call the sign and hope somebody responded! There was so much copying, highlighting, and printing involved, I would to carry a briefcase basically just for all the papers I needed!


Well we know times have changed, and now with technology we can have pricing, pictures, & information in a matter of seconds in the palm of our hand! Offices have become almost obsolete as most people choose to just meet us at a coffee shop or at a residence they selected after viewing photos online. It has cut some of our overhead down but yet prices and commissions continue to rise. Buyers and sellers do a lot more of the “leg work” yet they see very little discount. Well we have decided it’s only fair to share that decrease in expenses with our clients!

Here’s how we can save you money:

We will provide full listing service, with professional pictures, market analysis, lockbox, virtual walk-through tour, and more, not based on the price of your home but on a flat $5,000 fee at closing. No shortcuts, no “a la carte” menu, but full representation and the experience of a CRS Designee (Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) is the highest credential awarded to residential sales agents, managers and brokers.), 15+ year experienced Broker at your disposal for only $5k. So whether your home is $200k or $2M you will receive the best level of service for the same price! (Of course if your listing is under $167k we will honor the traditional method*) How much does this save you? Lets explore a Frisco listing with a sales price of $500k. Normally you would pay the listing agent 6% which would then be split with the selling agent. So the listing agent would receive a commission of $15k (3% of $500k) and another $15k to the selling agent that brought the buyer. Our program reduces our 3% to a flat $5k. We still recommend offering the buyer’s agent the 3% to be competitive. So just by listing with us you are making $10,000 more! Of course your savings rise as your price goes up, not the other way around where your costs go up as prices rise!!

So what are you waiting for?? Give us a call, send us a text, shoot us an email, FB message, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever your preferred method is and let’s get started!


-Hope to meet you soon!

Carlos Cavazos, CRS, SFR, AHWD

Sandra Cavazos, ABR


P.S We are still happy to meet and discuss in person, give us a shout and we can set up a meet at the Cowboys Club! I may even bring my Mapsco!







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